In the midst of turbulent political times, Peter Caspar Turck took heart and founded the metal button factory P.C. Turck in Lüdenscheid. In 1820 the company employed 20 workers.


New generation

In 1828 Peter Caspar died and his wife took over the management. In 1831 his son Ernst Wilhelm took over the management. Under his management, the company became a major international company. From 1846, buckles and nails were produced in addition to buttons. 1843 the company employed 30 workers.


New site

In 1860, a new factory was built at its current location. In order to improve the standard of living of his employees, Ernst Wilhelm Turck founded i.a. a consumer, a savings and a construction cooperative.


World exhibition

P.C. Turck presents itself at the Vienna World Exhibition with a product portfolio ranging from metal and fantasy buttons to buckles, rings, sliders, steel cans and even lighters.


Golden Era

In 1891 the company had over 400 employees. Pants and waistcoat buckles, trouser buttons, suspenders, trimming buttons and belt buckles were the company's bestsellers. Millions of buttons have also been exported to China.


Difficult times

In 1935 the company was taken over by Dr. Wilhelm Romland (great-grandson of the founder). Unfortunately, the effects of the world wars and inflation did not stop at P.C. Turck. At that time, high-quality buttons for the upper class were very difficult to sell. Nevertheless, the company remained loyal to its employees and always looked positively into the future.


Manufacturing for the Automotive Industry

1949 Wilhelm Schmidt, the son-in-law of Dr. Wilhelm Romland, took over the company. In 1959 Wilhelm Schmidt revolutionized P.C. Turck by introducing the production of parts for the automotive industry in addition to the traditional product groups. This set the course for a successful future.


Modern Machinery

Modern machinery, tools from the company's own tool shop, state-of-the-art production data acquisition and not least the quality assurance system, which has become indispensable, ensured that the company was able to establish itself on the market. This was confirmed by Ford's Q1 Preferred Quality Award in 1990.


Conversion into a Limited Liability Company

The company remains in family ownership through the takeover of the two daughters of Wilhelm Schmidt (Meinecke Family and Schweyer Family).


Medical Technology

In 2000 P.C. Turck introduced a system for securing hoses and cables for medical technology, the in-house development Rotoclix.



In 2006 P.C. Turck established its own metallography for material analysis and to support the development department. In 2010 P.C. Turck was one of the first companies in the Märkischer Kreis to invest in a 200 t servo-motion press.



P.C. Turck celebrates its 225th anniversary. The future of the company is secured by the transfer of the company shares to Dr. Peter Meinecke (son of the previous shareholders).