Next to our tool shop, punching and drawing are P.C. Turck's core competencies. We produce at a high technical level. Modern machinery and highly qualified employees enable production in large quantities and high quality.

Always beeing innovative, the company was one of the first stamping companies to produce on ceramic sheet metal forming tools as part of a project.

This is an excerpt from the materials we currently process. Other materials are of course possible.


  • Hot and cold strip, microalloyed steels, stainless steels, aluminium, brass, case-hardened steels, heat-treatable steels, and high-strength steels (1300N/mm² strength)
  • Thicknesses: 0.4mm to 6.0mm
  • Strip width: max. 250mm
  • Eccentric punching machines
  • Servo presses
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Pressing force up to 2000 KN


On our modern machinery we can bend ferrous and non-ferrous metals up to a sheet thickness of 5mm. Depending on the requirement profile of the component, we bend in the rolling direction or against the rolling direction. All bending options are planned in the progressive tool. Critical components can be assessed by means of material analyses. For crack detection we use light microscopy or eddy current testing.

Deep drawing

True to the principles "quality first" and "best in class", we supply deep-drawn parts that meet the highest customer requirements in terms of quality and price. When deep drawing a component, it is important that the choice of machine, the tool design and the material are matched to the respective part. We can choose between eccentric presses, hydraulic presses and servo presses. For the tool design we rely on experienced in-house designers. Materials are selected in consultation with our customers, our development department and our materials experts. We determine the chemical elements, the grain size, the degree of purity and the rolling process of the material in order to guarantee a constant component quality.


Embossing is mostly carried out as an additional operation following a cutting, bending or deep-drawing process. In addition to the classic processes such as wire and die-sinking EDM, we also use 3D hard milling machines for the production of our embossed stamps and matrices. With the additional station in the progressive tool, brand logos, batch or part numbers can be embossed. Furthermore, we can integrate embossing operations into our tools wich have functional properties such as anti-twist devices, radius embossing or to improve component strengh.

Vibratory finishing

During the process we offer a surface treatment by means of vibratory grinding.

Various objectives can be achieved through this process:

deburring, polishing, matting, grinding or rounding:

  • Various in-house vibratory finishing machines
  • Batch basket washing system in-house


In order to meet customer requirements that go beyond stamping and drawing, P.C. Turck has set up a production line in which sheet metal formed parts are machined by turning operations. For this process 13 turning machines with automatic feeding devices are available. Customer requests that are difficult to realize can thus be solved even faster and more effectively. Last but not least, the know-how and innovative approaches in this department as well as in all other departments justify our leading market position.


At P.C.Turck the existing core competences are optimally used for each customer, new demands are realized quickly and in the best customer's interest.

Component assembly is one such customer request. P.C. Turck has been following this path for several decades and has developed and reliably implemented assemblies together with its customers.

Today, almost 100 % of all trucks in Europe rely on the quality from Lüdenscheid. Contact us regarding your wishes, we promise you already today to realize your needs quickly and effectively at market-driven prices.

  • Automated assembly via single-purpose systems
  • Manual assembly
  • Welding assembly via universal systems (pressure welding)
  • Presses, rivets

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